Festival Artists


Jonathan Saavedra
Clarisa Aragon

Clarisa and Jonathan belong to a new generation of young dancers who devote themselves entirely to the art of Tango Dancing. Their mission is to make tango a lifestyle and, through hard work and commitment to this art, being able to pass on our traditions showing how much we love what we do. Their onset as professional dance partners took place in the province of Córdoba, from where we are native, in 2012. Clarisa and Jonathan families and the tango community in our area supported us unconditionally from the starting point. This meant the world for us since it created what we believe to be the foundations of our art. During the following years, we went through a number of enriching experiences such as dancing competitions, shows and Tango events which encouraged us to take the decision of becoming professional dancers. Along with the support of great Maestros and instructors, plus our commitment to this project, we were able to develop a unique style both in our performances and in our teaching system. Clarisa and Jonathan strongly believe their performances are a way to genuinely open up to anyone interested in Tango and to share with them what we do. Throughout our lessons, we offer our students our points of view on technique, different tools for each dancer and all of our knowledge so that others can experiment how we go about this wonderful art which is highly regarded around the world. Once in BA, growth opportunities that not even us believed to be possible began to emerge. They decided to show their work in the most popular Milongas and Tango competitions such as the Campeonato de la Cuidad and the Festival y Mundial de Tango (Tango World Championship).

Leandro Palou
Maria Tsiatsiani

Internationally acclaimed tango dancers and teachers. Directors of the Tango Academy London, BBC Strictly Come Dancing Choreographers, Tango Por Dos Company dancers, West End dancers, coaches at TangoChamps & judges at FITTA Championships in Buenos Aires, they have performed in over 230 cities for Tango festivals, theatres, charity events, radio & TV. 

Tango DJs

Diego Doigneau

For 9 years Diego has been the resident DJ at Negracha Tango Club, London’s biggest milonga, while also DJing in all London and many UK Milongas. He has also been a DJ at major worldwide festivals and milongas including River Tango in London, Mediterranean Summer Tango Festival in Porec, Brussels Tango Festival, CircuiTo milonguero in Turin, Festivalito in Edinburgh, Tango Torino Festival, Maldito Tango in Sweden, Otoño en Palermo tango Festival, Bella Ciao Marathon in Tours France, Practica X and Viva la Pepa in Buenos Aires and many more…

Ines Fabienne

Fabienne is a London-based tango DJ and dancer. She has been researching and building her tango collection since 2013, but says she will forever be on the hunt for tunes that resonate deeply. Be it energetic and rhythmic, or slow and silky; Fabienne has an affection for music that packs an emotional punch and has playful musicality. Her repertoire is drawn from the classical decades, peppered with hidden gems.

Ivan Arandia

Ivan Arandia is an Argentinean tango dancer, teacher & musicalizador with over 25 years of experienced and the owner of Negracha Tango Club, the iconic Friday night milonga in central London. He comes from a tradition of Argentine milongueros and is passionate about sharing his extensive knowledge and love for tango. His focus is on traditional music to dance socially from his extensive collection.

Wayne Rozier

Founder of Tango Ffs, Wayne is known for his eclectic mix of traditional and alternative tango music from across the world. He has built an enviable collection of traditional, Nuevo, electro, neo and world tango along with danceable non-tango music. Wayne DJ’s at milonga and festivals across the UK and the USA. He runs the very successful Papa Caliente milonga in Reading.