Roberto Hererra & Laura Legazcue


Roberto Herrera is considered one the best Tango dancers of all-time. His technique is incomparable, and his teaching is recognized world-wide for its tradition, innovation and experimentation. He was a key influence on Tango, bringing new creativity and artistic expression. As a teacher, choreographer, and dancer, he has taught and danced on stages around the world. Roberto's dance and his skills as a teacher are universally regarded as the highest level. 

 Since 2013 Roberto Herrera has performed with the internationally renowned dancer, Laura Legazcue. Together, Laura and Roberto have toured Japan with Tango Origin and participated in festivals in Tokyo, Trieste, Milan & Montreal.  They have delighted festival goers on their previous visits to Reading and we are thrilled to have them return this year. 

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Joe Corbata & Lucila Cionci


Lucila Cionci and Rodrigo “Joe” Corbata,  have been dancing tango for nearly twenty years and are one of the most charismatic dancing couples from the new generation of Argentine tango dancers. Their dance is striking in its plasticity and expressiveness, and characterized by innovative choreography, dynamic improvisation, and a deep sense of connection.

Joe & Lucila are based between Buenos Aires and Barcelona and are part of the teaching staff of Cosmotango (CITA) and are members of the International Jury at the International Championship of Tango Argentino. They have taught and performed at the major tango festivals in North and South America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, and they have received high acclaim from students of all levels. In 2007, they founded Formula Tango to support the art and teaching of Argentine tango worldwide. Read more



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