Roberto Herrera


Roberto Herrera is considered one the best Tango dancers of all-time. His technique is incomparable, and his teaching is recognized world-wide for its tradition, innovation and experimentation. He was a key influence on Tango, bringing new creativity and artistic expression. As a teacher, choreographer, and dancer, he has taught and danced on stages around the world. Roberto's dance and his skills as a teacher are universally regarded as the highest level. 

Since 2013 Roberto Herrera has performed with the internationally renowned dancer, Laura Legazcue. Together, Laura and Roberto have toured Japan with Tango Origin and participated in festivals in Tokyo, Trieste, Milan & Montreal.  They have delighted festival goers on their previous visits to Reading and we are thrilled to have them return this year. 

As principal male dancer of the Gran Orquesta of Maestro Osvaldo Pugliese, Roberto worked closely with the maestro and his daughter Beba. He was was also solo dancer of many of the other great orchestras of Tango Argentino. Roberto continues to create, choreograph and dance in shows both in Europe and Buenos Aires.  

​Roberto is the founder of the most recognized Tango academies in Buenos Aires. In 2013, he opened the Academia Roberto Herrera in Milan. Today the Academia Herrera Europe is recognised as a tango school of the highest calibre.

Laura Legazcue


Laura Legazcue is internationally acclaimed and respected for her deep knowledge and expertise as a dancer, choreographer and teacher of tango. Her extensive training in both contemporary and classical dance infuses her style and adds depth to her interpretation of Argentine tango.

Laura was born in Uruguay and has worked as a choreographer, dancer and director of the tango ballet of the Montevideo Philharmonic Orchestra since 2005. Laura has been a judge at the annual international Argentine Tango championships in Buenos Aires as well as the Tango championship in Moscow. She danced with Carlos Copello in the Rojo Tango show and with Jesus Velazquez during the worldwide tour of the Esquina Carlos Gardel show.

Roberto Herrera & Laura Legazcue performing at Reading Tango Festival 2016